Undertaking an Aluminum Window Installation for your Coastal House

Houses located in a coastal area have a flair all their own. Many will have withstood a thousand storms and provide many homeowners or vacationers with fun memories. Part of the flair may involve the house being adorned with the right set of windows, especially aluminum ones. In a feature for This Old House TV, Luke Crafton said such was the case for an old beach house in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA where a new set of aluminum windows were installed.

Worker setting up a window
The importance of quality windows in a location not far from the coast won’t be lost on any San Jose resident who loves the vast expanse and clear weather, not to mention the array of old houses in the area. The closest body of water to the city are the salt ponds just outside Alviso, where a number of old houses still stand. If you have an old house that’s in need of fresh aluminum window sets, a company that specializes in quality window installation like SGK Home Solutions will be the way to go.


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